Henry Ing-Simmons


My name is Henry Ing-Simmons and I am a Software Engineer from the UK, currently working for New Orbit.

I have always had an interest in technology, with a desire to know how things work as well as a passion for creation.

My experience covers web technologies, software and databases as well as music production and Photoshop.

I also play Underwater Hockey and have represented Great Britain under 23s at the World Championships on two occasions, 2011 and 2013.

I also enjoy cycling, running and triathlon.


Ample Sound are a three piece music production team of which I am a member. On top of my production contributions I have also designed our logo and website as well implemented the functionality of the website.

It was developed using HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

Ample Sound website



I have had an interest in computing from a young age, driven initially by the desire to create a website. I was eager to learn new technologies and this me towards software and ultimately to studying for a degree in Computer Science.

I spent a year travelling in New Zealand as well as working part-time as a Software Engineer for Copernicus Technology Limited - where I tackled a variety of tasks including code refactoring, class design, tools development and firmware development.

I am currently working for New Orbit as Web Developer where I am working with C# and Javascript. I also spearheaded our invistigation and ultimate foray into utilising Elasticsearch for search and reporting.


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